Tree and Stump Services in Lindale, TX

Since 2001, Affordable Tree and Stump Service has been a trusted tree care expert. We’ve been serving Lindale, TX and the surrounding region with a variety of tree care services from routine tree trimming to complete land clearing. Our experienced technicians and modern equipment help us make quick work of any project, big or small, keeping our rates low and ensuring an efficient, professional job every time. Our services include:


  • Tree removal: Got a dead or dangerous tree on your property? Call us and we’ll get rid of it right away. We practice safe, efficient tree felling techniques, taking care of problem trees without leaving signs of any intervention on other areas of your landscape.
  • Tree trimming: Healthy trees need trimming and pruning now and then to promote new growth. As the tree pruning experts in Lindale, TX, we keep your trees prim and proper by taking a careful, deliberate approach to cutting.
  • Disease prevention: Are one or more of your trees looking the worse for wear? There are several common diseases that can damage a tree or even kill it entirely. We’ve been in the business for more than 20 years and know what to look for and what strategies to take to bring your trees back to good health.
  • Debris cleanup: Picking up the pieces from a severe storm? We can help! We offer 24-hour emergency services to help you clean up after a storm comesthrough—you won’t ever have to lift a fingeror put yourself at risk of unstable trees.
  • Stump removal: Stumps aren’t just unsightly, they’re a potential safety hazard on your property. We’ll remove even the toughest stumps with our modern equipment, restoring beauty and safety to your landscape.
  • Lot Clearing: No job is too big or too small for us to handle, and that includes lot clearing. We’ll remove all trees and brush on your property using heavy-duty equipment, giving you a clean slate for your building project.

Affordable Rates, Incredible Service

At Affordable Tree and Stump Service, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality tree services at the best possible price. From tree trimming to removal, lot clearing to preventative tree care and stump grinding, we provide a full range of services that keep your property looking its best. Call us today at (903) -570-8214 for an estimate.